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What To Do If You Find A Stray Dog

What to do in the event of finding a stray dog.


Our Beautiful Morgan as featured in Labrador Lifeline magazine

Hi, my name is Morgan, I am a black Labrador and I’d like to tell you about my incredible journey. Well, it all began in February 2018, I was taken to my new and now forever home. I must admit, I found it quite difficult at first, adjusting to this new way of life……especially being…

Christmas food and dogs

Be Cautious!! Christmas Foods that are dangerous

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Bonfire Night Advice For Your Dog

Bonfire night can be worrying and stressful for pets. Fireworks at this time of year can go on for several weeks before and after November 5th and this stress can have serious implications for our pets, affecting both health and behaviour, especially if experienced over long periods of time. If your pet becomes stressed during…

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If you lose your dog…

Register on the Doglost Website and share on social media – regional Doglost pages and other Lost/Found pages and groups Print posters and put up around the whole area that he/she went missing from. Don’t forget to laminate in case it rains Put up posters in local shops, pubs, garages, supermarkets and anywhere that…

Rupert using the hydrotherapy pool.

Hydrotherapy For Dogs

Hydrotherapy has many different benefits to your dog or puppy


Why do you think dogs wear muzzles?

There are many reasons a dog would wear a muzzle……it does not necessarily mean they are dangerous!

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Heat Stroke in Dogs

The warm weather has been with us for quite some time now and looks set to stay for a little while longer. Our furry friends are incredibly susceptible to the heat, so here’s a few tips on prevention and what to do if your dog does suffer from heat exhaustion.


Ever wondered why dogs eat poo?

why does dog eat poo


What if my pets gets ill during the crisis

We are in under constant pressure everyday to have as little contact with other humans during Covid 19, but what happens if your pet becomes unwell?
We spoke to our local well respected vets – Downland Vetenary Group and their advice was as follows……