If you lose your dog…

lost dog image

Register on the Doglost Website www.doglost.co.uk and share on social media – regional Doglost pages and other Lost/Found pages and groups

Print posters and put up around the whole area that he/she went missing from. Don’t forget to laminate in case it rains

Put up posters in local shops, pubs, garages, supermarkets and anywhere that a lot of people visit.

Register your dog as missing with the microchip company, the dog warden and the vets in case it’s been picked up or they’ve had sightings reported.

Call all local vets in case someone has picked them up and taken there.

Report to the police if you think your dogmay have been stolen and don’t forget to get a crime reference number.

Look for online websites and forums hosted by local groups: parks, playing fields, dog walkers, kennels and rescues. The more people looking for your pet, the better.

Ask local Taxi companies, postmen and drivers to keep an eye open too.

Keep checking back where your dog went missing from, they often return to where they were last with you. Leave something that smells familiar there like a blanket, worn clothing or favourite toy.

If your dog went missing close to home, look and listen out as many dogs find their own way home.

Finally, if you need volunteers to help search, give us a call.

Marie Redding

Owner of Homes & Hounds