Why do you think dogs wear muzzles?


Some of the reasons you may think are that the dog is: – Nasty and will bite you or your dog – On the “dangerous breed” list – Subject to a “dog control order” – An ex-racing dog. All the above could be true but are the exception rather than the real reason. Except for the ex-racing greyhound which is common practice.

So what are the reasons muzzles are used with pet dogs? These reasons could be the dog: – Has digestive issues or allergies and is on a strict diet. – Eats unsavoury things such as sheep poo. – May be nervous and could react if another dog or person approaches. – Has been recently rehomed or rescued and is being assessed for temperament. – May be consulting a behaviourist due to an incident. – May get a little enthusiastic in playing with other dogs Whatever the reasons are, in most cases, a dog has a muzzle as a precaution and not because anything has happened. The owner has taken advice and the decision to use a muzzle made. This was for the health and well being of their dog and others. In most cases, this course of action was not taken lightly by the owner. Advice sought on where and when the muzzle is worn and the dog is comfortable with it. You must choose the correct muzzle for your breed of dog. Your dog must be able to pant, drink and eat treats when wearing.

So if you see a dog wearing a muzzle: – Don’t think the worse about them and their owner. – Speak to the owner they will appreciate it.

Remember it is the dogs without muzzles that could be more of an issue to you. If you would like any information on whether a muzzle is a correct decision for your dog. Or you want to know how to acclimatise your dog to a muzzle, please contact Gill Gallagher of Allsorts 1-2-1 Dog Training on 07595 217299


Marie Redding

Owner of Homes & Hounds