Ever wondered why dogs eat poo?


Coprophagia is a common behavioural problem seen in dogs. It is an ingestive behaviour involving the consumption of a dog’s own (or another dog’s) faeces. Coprophagia is a normal behaviour seen in bitches with a litter of puppies, but at any other time (or in male dogs) it is an abnormal behaviour.

It can be seen at any age but is more commonly seen in puppies. The behaviour may develop in puppies through faulty learning from the mother and litter mates, incomplete toilet training or through playful and investigative behaviour.

In adult dogs, coprophagia can be associated with time spent in a rescue centre, overcrowded living conditions or poor training. Dogs fed on a restricted diet may indulge in scavenging and coprophagia to fulfil their appetite.

Bored, unstimulated puppies and adult dogs may display coprophagia to provide stimulation. Puppies may grow out of the behaviour, but adult dogs tend to require training from their owner. Coprophagia is seen either in the home or on a walk. Be patient during training as coprophagia is a self-rewarding behaviour for your dog. Dogs can become very opportunistic with the behaviour and can quickly learn to run off before you reach them! Consistency and repetition are key to solving this behaviour……..and poo bags!! So don’t forget to stock up Bow Wows @ No7

For further advice on training your dog to stop this unwanted behaviour follow the link to Oscar Pet Food



Marie Redding

Owner of Homes & Hounds