After moving to Waterlooville from Portsmouth we needed a dog walker for our 2 dogs. We looked at lots online and asked friends for advice, we were told about Homes & Hounds. From the very start they were very professional with a home visit to meet the puppies and us of course. Cooper is a Hungarian Vizsla and is very friendly and excitable Coco is a miniature daschund she is very timid around people and other dogs but the 2 of them are inseparable. Sadly Cooper was attacked by another dog and has since found it hard to be around other dogs as he gets scared. But our fantastic walker Marie has made a world of difference to them both. Cooper has grown up so much and loves nothing more than being off his lead running and playing with his new found pals, and Coco loves her walks with them all. Both of them sit waiting for Marie to collect them – when she pulls up in her red van the excitement is hard to contain. They love her and she loves them and her job too which is clear to see. Would highly recommend the team. Claire Cunningham, Waterlooville

Hi Marie (Ryan), we are really grateful for the way you have cared for Ollie it’s very clear how much he has been looked after with you, he is very relaxed after his holiday. Thank you for the photos too that’s a lovely touch.

We would leave Ollie with you again without hesitation and will be in touch.

Thanks again

Chris, Amanda and Holly xx

Chris, Amanda & Holly

We needed someone to care for our cat Jess while we were on holiday; I found Homes and Hounds online and the reviews seemed genuine and good. When Marie came round she struck me as friendly and capable- someone who I’d be happy to hand over my front door key to. Jess took an immediate shine to Marie, rolling on her back for her tummy to be tickled (and she doesn’t do that for just anyone!)

Arrangements were made easily and professionally and before we knew it we were in the Alps and Jess was in Marie’s hands. Marie reassured us that Jess was fine and dealt with the large “present” Jess brought in for her without any fuss! We returned to find Jess happy and well cared for. We have since been away for a 2 week holiday and really valued the peace of mind we had with Marie visiting regularly and keeping an eye on the house as well as Jess. I would not hesitate to recommend Marie from Homes and Hounds to my friends and family.

Thanks Marie I’m really glad we found you!



Dear Marie, Thank you so much for looking after Toby so well while we were away. It was obvious from the very start that he was both welcome and happy to stay with you. This was borne out by how content and ‘at home’ he appeared to be, when we came to pick him up. We will not hesitate to ask you again to look after Toby as we and he are more that satisfied with the care and dedication that you show to the pets you take in to your home. Many thanks once again

Molly H

I was travelling from Yorkshire with my elderly mum to attend a wedding in Hampshire as part of a holiday and needed to find a dogsitter to look after our westie, Poppy, at the holiday cottage where we were staying. After contacting several vets in the Petersfield area, I found the Homes and Hounds website and was put in touch with Wendy. I had some concerns having to organise it at a distance without having the opportunity to meet Wendy and also not giving Wendy the chance to meet Poppy – and also in a strange location neither of us had been to! However, after emails and phone calls, the arrangements were made and Wendy arrived on the due date.

Being a typical westie, Poppy usually greets everyone by barking furiously and wagging her tail but was quiet and calm when Wendy walked in! I left them getting to know each other while I finished getting ready – when we left in our finery, Poppy was curled up asleep next to Wendy on the sofa. We were able to relax and enjoy ourselves and came home to find Poppy asleep – again! – having had a lovely walk around the local area. It was clear she had been well looked after and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wendy’s services. Thank you Wendy for enabling us to relax and enjoy ourselves at the wedding without worrying about Poppy – I’m so glad I found you!

S. Mudge

My 10 year-old cocker spaniel Rosie has been going to Marie since April 2015. She has been for days, overnight stays, 1 week and 2 week holidays and I always leave her knowing that she is treeated as part of the family in Marie’s home, has plenty of lovely varied walks with other dogs and is so well cared for. Rosie is always happy when she arrives at Marie’s house and instantly makes herself at home!

She comes home from her holidays looking well and happy. Marie gives a very professional but friendly and caring service and with her Homes & Hounds van is totally equipped for transporting the dogs. I’m just so pleased I found her!!


Sally - Rowlands Castle

What a find! Homes and Hounds have been walking my Jack Russell for more than 14 years and I consider that to be one of the best decisions I ever made. In all that time I have received a trustworthy, reliable and flexible service. My dog gets a wonderful walk and is really well looked after. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

D. Smith

David White for Homes & Hounds has been invaluable assistance in the care of our Great Dane, Winston. Given Winston’s size walking him can be a daunting prospect, however David is more than able, flexible in approach and very reliable. It was obvious he genuinely cares for Winston, always willing to go the extra mile, both literally and metaphorically!!

We will be recommending David and Homes & Hounds to our Portsmouth friends if ever they need dog walking or boarding services.

Kind Regards,

Al and Katie Magill

Thank you SO much for taking such good care of Marley! So grateful and would recommend Homes & Hounds and Debbie. Five star dog care *****

Charlotte Brightwell

I used Homes and Hounds from when my labrador dog was just months old, for 6 years, until we recently moved out of the area. I used their dog walking and home sitting services – and would highly recommend Wendy, Mary and the team. Their dog walking service is incredibly flexible – over the years there were times that I needed it more than others and that was no problem – and I was never let down. They are an extremely professional team, covering for each other if needed, and I had no qualms trusting them with my key and my dog.

They really get to know your dog (and its nuances) and consider that when planning walks and their dog walking companions. The walks are long, in small numbers, and they take care to minimise mess (mud etc) when dropping back off. Similarly, Mary’s dog sitting service is brilliant – complete peace of mind to have someone in situ looking after your dog (and house). Our dog is extremely well cared for – great walks and lots of attention – and the house is always as you’d want it left. Overall, Homes and Hounds enabled me to ensure that on those days I couldn’t be at home, our dog was well looked after – and I’d happily recommend.

Fiona - North Boarhunt

Dear Marie, we would like to thank you so much for all the love and care you gave to our wonderful dogs Buster and Poppy whilst we were away on our holiday x They came back really happy from their little holiday with you and it was such a relief to know they were in such a happy and loving environment thanks once again and would highly recommend your dog boarding as they are cared for like your own dogs xxx

The Crouch Family

Dear Wendy,

I have a Jack Russell crossed with a British Bulldog, who is 5 years old. We wanted Snoopy to stay with someone rather than boarding kennels, so were pleased to find this was available.

Wow…just wow. So exceptionally experienced in Dog Care, first aid, dog training etc..We are immensely impressed with Wendy’s way with dogs.

From the first initial meeting for us to meet up and discuss Snoopy’s needs, we felt confident to leave him in her capable hands. The first time we left him for a 4 day long weekend, we came back to discover that Wendy had in that little time, managed to overcome Snoopy’s problem of not being able to wear a seatbelt safety harness due to him being skittish about the buckle clips, we were also advised on his feeding as little did we know that the food we were feeding him had a high salt content! With her kind advice we managed to wean him off the food he was addicted to and onto a suitable food (Harringtons and Naturo) for his sensitive tummy, we were also advised of the  “four paws on the floor”  rule to stop his problem of jumping up at people as he was excitable, and to ignore him till he was calm and all four paws were on the floor before fussing him.

The second time we were away for two weeks over Christmas. Again we were confident with leaving him with Wendy, we advised her he still had a “rumbly” tummy every so often and that a gaviscon tablet usually fixed it, but that he had taken to his new food well and seemed more satisfied. Well we returned to find he’d been an absolute gem, he’d taken to his new routine well, feed at 8am , walk at 10am, yet more walks later on with her regular dogs she walks, (he loved this and burnt off loads of energy, feed at 5pm and he slept well through to the morning  no problem at all. She also had done experiments to see what was the root cause of his sensitive tummy.  It turned out to be he’s sensitive to the dog treats and biscuits. When he did have them he ended up with upset stomachs, loose bowels, when he was of the treats he was fine, and had normal bowel movements.  So we were advised to cut them out of his diet. She had managed to get him onto a lunchtime carrot or apple, again it was our choice, Wendy simply advises and never presses her points onto us, it’s our choice to follow up on her kind advice,also we were also advised that he had issues with his feeding bowl leaving food around the edges and that he ate better off a flat plate,she showed us some recordings of him eating and we’ll we were gobsmacked he ate everything so quickly and cleared his plate. Since keeping to her routine Snoopy has been fine, we got rid of all his treats and now he just has his meals , although we can’t get him to eat his carrot or apple haha little monkey, he has happily accepted a small handful of kibble at lunchtime or as a treat. He’s upset stomach has been solved and we are so grateful for Wendy’s kind advice and guidance as well as excellent service.  Would happily recommend Wendy to anyone and have indeed done that recently to a couple were looking for someone to care for their dog. 

Thank you so much Wendy, you truly are an angel.

Kindest regards Wendy and Stephen xxx 

Chilli loves Marie and her time with her Homes & Hounds family.  It’s not just about taking your dog out for a walk, it’s understanding your dog’s needs, looking after their welfare and going above and beyond to help out when you need it that makes Marie & the H&H team a find!  Everybody wants to know their dog is being well looked after & the contented happy dog that greets you when you get home is testament enough for me!

Vicki Jones